The other day I came across a truly magical article written by a Lithuanian businesswoman and blogger Rimante Kulvinskyte. I read it once, then again and again and again… and then I caught myself typing the article in English because every single soul deserves to read this. Obviously, I altered it a lot and added my own vibes, but the idea of it is still very much the same. So here it goes:

“What do you feel on a summer’s evening? I know. That sweet sorrow! Every drop of blossom honey brings back a childhood memory; in those memories we meet our grandparents, we laugh till our tummies hurt, we bruise our legs falling off our bikes and rip our clothes climbing trees, then we sit on the swings and munch on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – we wouldn’t have changed that duo for anything in the world.
In summer we miss everything. And everyone. Especially, we miss those who are no longer around. We wish we could share with them our silly giggles, wine, hugs and endless chit-chats about nothing. Or we could just quietly sit next to each other until today is replaced by tomorrow.
Admit it or not – our most extraordinary stories were created in summer. I’m talking about our most passionate dates, disco nights, skinny-dipping, bonfire sleepovers, strangers who became friends and shooting July stars.
In summer we become superheroes that only exist in movies. All of a sudden we find the courage to do the most reckless and nonsensical things, wear the shortest skirts and, well, dance like no one’s watching. We rock the look of loose hair and red lips and somehow have the confidence to take those 3 steps towards the pretty girl at the bar.
In summer we become the better version of ourselves: slimmer, funnier, more tan, less tense, less in a hurry!, more open-minded and loving life.
I get it now why we feel that sorrow. We are kind of like Cinderella. We know that after midnight – in this case once the calendar says it’s the 1st of September – this fairytale will come to an end. Our bodies will be covered with sweaters, our smiles will be hidden by scarves, ice cream will be replaced by hot cocoa (which is not the end of the world but still) and adventures by sitting in front of a TV.
That’s why today I’m praying not only for my family’s summer, but for yours too. I’m thankful for the warmth and this new world that blooms in color. I’m thankful that we’re healthy and can wade into the water with our own feet. I’m thankful for every summer’s evening and weekend that I am going to spend with my friends and family, I’m thankful for the upcoming adventures and the time to rest. I pray that we run out of at least 3 sunscreen bottles before we run out of sunny days. I pray that you always have ice in your drinks and air in your bike’s tires. I pray that you always find a place to hang a hammock, and I pray for books to melt like ice cream in your hands. I pray that when you’re lying on the grass and when you’re watching clouds pass, you phone doesn’t ring and you don’t FOR A SECOND think that you are wasting your time. And, lastly, I pray that we all have the kind of summer that we could be grateful for all year. Because in a grateful heart summer never ends.”

Every single word of this article landed on my heart and, hopefully, yours too.

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